Three Yakima teens arrested in connection with burglaries

On 07-31-2014 at about 0815 hours Yakima SO deputies responded to a burglary that had just been interrupted by home owners in the 3900 block of Commonwealth Drive in Terrace Heights. The residents had left for a few minutes and upon returning found a suspicious turquoise Honda Accord parked near the residence. When the male with the vehicle was questioned he stated was looking for his keys. The homeowners then noticed a back gate open and a window screen out of place. The homeowners then saw two other males run from the back of the residents. Responding deputies were unable to locate the vehicle or suspects.

Then at about 1000 hours a burglary in progress was interrupted in the 600 block of N 14th Street in Selah. It was noted that the suspects matched the suspect description from the Terrace Heights burglary. As law enforcement responded, a Yakima SO deputy in Selah located the suspect vehicle occupied by three males. YSO deputies and Selah Police stopped the vehicle and took the three suspects into custody. The three suspects were identified as the suspects in the Terrace Heights burglary as well as the Selah burglary.

The suspects were identified as a 16 year old male from Yakima, a 17 year old male from Yakima and a 19 year old male from Yakima. The adult is being booked into the Yakima County jail while both juveniles are being booked into the Yakima County juvenile detention facility on burglary charges.