Three people facing assault charges for firing guns at people, animals last weekend

FILE PHOTO: Three people facing assault charges for firing guns at people or animals.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Over the weekend, police say a few people made some bad decisions with their guns.

The first one was 36-year-old Neil Crawford. Court documents said he got into a fight with his wife and fired a shot in her general direction as she was leaving.

The next was 25-year-old Erick Gutierrez. Police said he broke into a house and then fired at someone that went after him to see what's going on.

The bullet went through the wall and almost hit a child on the other side.

The last one was Jesus Torres. Court documents said he shot his neighbor's chicken because it was getting into his garden.

When his neighbor arrived, police said he came out with a bullet proof vest and rifle as if he was ready for war.

All three are facing assault charges for these incidents.

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