Thousands celebrate Easter in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There were 6,000 people, tens of thousands of goodies, and one very special occasion. Easter Sunday took Yakima by storm in a very big way.

"Our interest is not in church buildings," said Lee Garcia, the Associate Pastor. "Our interest is in people."

'Changing Pointe Church' put on the event for the third year in a row. Faced with an ever-growing need, church officials held the celebration at Yakima's Sundome. Anyone could attend and judging by the numbers, parents were grateful for the support.

"They all kind of just give their resources and what they have to us," Garcia said.

Businesses donated thousands of dollars worth of services. Prizes, moon bounces, eggs, and even the food were donated; all in an effort to make this Easter special for everyone.

"What we really love is it's Yakima," Garcia said. "It's from Yakima, to Yakima, for the people of Yakima."

Everyone working was volunteering: all so families could give their kids a fun Easter.

"It just feels good to be part of an event that can give and provide to someone, to kids, that can't have it so it feels really good actually to help out," said Eric Lopez, a volunteer.

Some parents wouldn't be able to afford splurging on chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.

"The team can help out people kids that may not able to have an Easter egg hunt at their home," Lopez said.

Coordinators got great feedback all day.

"She said I just want to let you know this is the best Easter me and my family have ever had in our lives," Garcia said about a mom.