'They're supposed to be getting a good life & not getting shot'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima police have been looking for help tracking down whoever shot a 16 year old boy over the weekend. The KIMA Crime Tracker found that dozens of minors were victims of violence in the city last year.

It's didn't take long for Miranda Fleek to see kids become victims of violence. She was nine years old when she saw a woman attack a boy with a knife in her backyard.

"I didn't know what to think," said Flee. "I was really young and really scared."

Miranda said she doesn't go anywhere around town anymore without a friend.

Jose Arias knows four kids who have been shot. Some of them were in gangs. He said two of them got shot because they were wearing the wrong color at the wrong time.

"They're supposed to be getting a good life and not getting shot and stuff," said Arias. "It makes me worry about their families and how they feel and what if that happens to my family?"

One of his friends was 13 years old. He's more cautious about what he wears ever since his friends got shot.

"It makes me really sad and kind of worries me," said Arias. "What if I accidentally wear the wrong color in a certain place?"

So, how often are minors the victims of violent crime? KIMA pulled the numbers for Yakima and found 12 have been attacked by people with guns, knives and other weapons so far this year. That's the same number as this time last year. YPD said these violent crimes involving minors are crime of opportunity and tend to be gang-related.

It's the violent crime that has put more patrols in dangerous areas to keep kids safer. There were a total of 53 cases with kids as victims of violent crime all of last year.