The maintenance problem at a Wapato cemetery is still concerning community members

The maintenance problem at a Wapato cemetery is still concerning community members

WAPATO, Wash. -- Community members in Wapato are angry because they say nothing is being done to fix the maintenance problem at the Reservation Community Memorial Park.

Robin Cordova has her daughter buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery and she says she is exhausted of trying to bring attention to the maintenance problem at the cemetery, and nothing is being done.

She says her and her husband had decided to keep their daughters burial ground clean by taking care of it themselves, but they received a letter from the city saying they were not allowed to do that.

“They decided that we couldn’t. That people were complaining that we were getting special treatment for cleaning her grave and we found out later that wasn’t true. That they had made everything up," said Cordova.

Cordova says the cemetery has a lot of headstones that are broken, gopher holes all over the place and the grass has been dry all summer without being watered.

Now, the Mayor has appointed a new cemetery board to help discuss the problems going on and come up with solutions.

But so far, the board has put together two meetings and they have been rescheduled due to a lack of board member attendance.

Interim Public Works Director Gary Potter says, today the board was supposed to discuss member positions, make up a general agenda and speak about what concerns are happening at the cemetery.

Only three out of six board members showed up Wednesday so nothing was done.

“The board members that come to this are the ones that are really trying to get a full board together so that they can talk about the real issues that are going on," said Potter.

Potter says that since the summer in June, when all of the last cemetery board members resigned, they have been trying to work with the new members to get them together and get the problems fixed.

They are hoping to meet again in two weeks.

The next Wapato Cemetery Board meeting will take place on October 25 at 7 in the evening.

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