The end to 50 years of haircuts

YAKIMA, Wash. -- After 50 years and a whole lot of hair on the floor, a well known barber shop here in Yakima is closing its doors.

Steve's Barber Shop is run by two brothers and a good friend.
They say they've made plenty of new friends over the years and have seen a lot of changes in the community.
The owner tells us he'll miss the customers, especially those who came in to chat and talk about the news around town.

"We got guys coming here that say, hey we come in here for the haircut, but we really come in for the talk, the advise, whether it be sports, or politics, and of course they're all sworn to secrecy here. Nothing leaves the shop," said Steve Richardson, Owner of Steve's Barber Shop.

The shop will officially close Saturday.
Loyal customers are coming in for one last trim.