The Central Washington State Fair has several free activities to offer

The Central Washington State Fair has several free activities to offer

YAKIMA Wash. -- The Central Washington State Fair is coming to an end this weekend but before the fair closes its doors there are still several entertainments people can take advantage of for free.

Anyone can come down to the fair and enjoy form several activities even if you’re on a tight budget.

One of the wildest activities the fair has is the wild life exhibition. People can take a look at all sorts of exotic animals from bob cats to Patagonia cavies and cougars.

Executive Director for A Walk on the Wild Side, Steven Higgs says these animals are actually rescues that have been given a second chance at life.

“Were trying to educate the public on all the problems that are going on with these animals and what is happening with them and how they are most of them going extinct," said Higgs.

Higgs says many of these animals are not in zoos so it is a unique experience to be able to see them in real life for free.

Another free attraction is the petting zoo. Kids and adults can pet goats, sheeps, cows and chickens.

It is also an educational experience for people to learn more about these animals.

Facts about each animal is posted in front of their gate.

The concerts are another activity people can enjoy free of charge.

Monte James used to sing in karaoke contests throughout the Yakima Valley before moving to Nashville to make his dream come true as a country music singer/song writer. He is now back in Yakima to perform for free for the rest of the weekend.

“It’s really just to give back. I grew up in this fair so it’s cool to be able to be out here and just have everybody hang out," said James.

All concerts are free to the public. People only have to pay if they want to reserve a seat.

People can also check out the popular racing pigs.

They were new last year but they have been brought back because of how much people enjoy watching their races.

The creature feature Extreme exhibit is also open to the public for free. People can check out snakes, lizards and all types of reptiles.

Don’t forget the last day to attend the fair is this Sunday so people should go and check it out.

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