The Central Washington State Fair has officially opened their gates to the public

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YAKIMA Wash. -- People can finally come out to the Central Washington State Fair and enjoy from all the attractions and food.

They opened their gates today at noon with a 1 dollar charge sponsored by our news station KIMA.

Parents, kids, teenagers and seniors all came out to experience the opening of the Central Washington State Fair.

The grand opening ceremony included speeches, ribbon cutting and greetings from animals, acrobats and a dragon which was popular amongst the kids and some of us from KIMA.

The kids were the most excited looking forward to their favorite attractions.

“I’ve been here for like 4 times now it is so fun just the fact that there’s different prices you could win.”

“Elephant ears definitely elephant ears.”

“It’s fun because every time we come there’s like so many different things.”

Fairgoers quickly took in everything the fair had to offer from the rides to the games and the food which is the main attraction for adults.

Carol Carrio has been coming to this fair every year since 1983 and she says this has become a great bonding experience for her and her family.

“Best memories I have are coming to the fair when my children are small. You make the best memories for your children and for your family,” said Carrio.

Central Washington State Fair spokesperson Rob Phillips says they are happy with the turn out so far and they are expecting about 20,000 people today.

“A lot of people have been waiting all year for the food and rides so we get a good crowd on opening Fridays and we do have a good crowd today,” said Phillips.

Everyone was able to get in for 1 dollar today until 4pm but people can still look forward to more promotions and new attractions for the next week.

If you weren’t able to make it to the grand opening, later today they will be featuring their new firework display taking place at 10 pm in the Yakima Valley Stadium.

The fair will be going on until October 1st so people should come on down and check it out.

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