Terrace Heights dog shot, killed on walk: Neighbors still outraged

TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash. -- It's been almost 2 weeks since a Terrace Heights family's companion was shot for wandering into a neighbor's yard while out on a walk with its owner.

Residents are now outraged and tell KIMA they're scared for their safety.

"We heard this loud kaboom and my heart just sunk," said Mardi Hackett, whose dog was killed.

Marty says her dog Ginger was off the leash and wandered ahead of her.
She's still haunted by what she saw next.

"I was in shock, I screamed," Hackett said.

Ginger ventured into a neighbor's backyard. The property owner said the family's pet duck was being attacked and shot the dog to death.

Animal control told KIMA the owner had every right to kill the dog because the duck was being threatened.

"I just miss her so desperately. It's hard to walk around the house and not have her at my heels," said Hackett.

There is no leash law in Yakima County, but owners are required to keep their pets under control. Many neighbors believe killing the dog was too extreme.

"The last one is self-explanatory." said neighbor Stephanie Fleming, pointing to a sign she made. "I mean the guy is a dog killer."

Stephanie Fleming put up signs where the dog was shot to warn other neighbors.

"There are people who don't even want their kids to go out and play anymore because they're afraid of what this guy is going to do," said Fleming.

To get all sides, KIMA spoke with the man who shot the dog. He wouldn't talk on camera, but told Action News he tried to shoo the dog away first.

The family allowed us to come into their backyard and get a view from the other side of the fence. The property owner says this wasn't just any duck; it was part of the family and hatched in their granddaughter's classroom.

Neighbors say that's no excuse.

"I'm going to put more signs out and I'll put signs out until I make him so uncomfortable that the next time this happens he needs to think twice before taking such extreme actions," said Fleming.

Actions that took away one family's pet and divided this neighborhood.

Animal control officers tell KIMA the man who shot the dog has the right to press charges, but decided not to.

The property owner said one of his ducks had already been killed and didn't want it to happen again.