Taylor Bridge Fire Relief Drive raises more than $27,000

YAKIMA, Wash. -- You opened your hearts for our friends and neighbors in a big way.

More than $27,000 poured in for victims of the Taylor Bridge Fire during an all-day fundraising effort coordinated by KIMA and Radio Yakima. Donors drove up from 5 am - 7 pm. And, it's not too late to help.

We asked and you responded. Teaming up with the Yakima Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross and six stations from Radio Yakima, hundreds of you showed up and donated to the relief effort of the Taylor Bridge Fire.

"Donate whatever you got whatever is in your ash tray and we are here to donate as well."

The money started coming early Friday morning.

"We just got our first big check."

"They're my neighbors, that's what we do for neighbors," Eric Gress said.

"We continue our Taylor bridge fire relief drive."

As the day rolled on more and more of you came out.

"It's real important that the community come forward and step up, give whatever they can," said Rick Bartheld who donated.

We are on our way to Seattle and it's probably the last time we'll have to donate, We love to help if we can," said Lori and Jerry Waltonman who donated.

"We are partnering with the Red Cross as well as Radio Yakima taking you monetary donations."

Giving coins, dollar bills, 10s, 20s -- some of you gave 500 dollars.

"My business treats me pretty good so, hey, give a little bit to someone else."

Then we learned The Yakima Valley Community Foundation wanted to match your donations up to $7,000.

"Fire is a devastating thing and there is a deep tradition of giving here in Yakima," said Yakima Valley Community Foundation President Linda Moore.

That total was eclipsed after lunch and the money kept rolling in.
Reaching out with pure generosity to help those who lost it all.