TAYLOR BRIDGE FIRE: More evacuated around Route 970

CLE ELUM, Wash. -- Full containment of the fire is expected by tomorrow night. Despite that good news, stronger evacuation orders were place for more neighborhoods around State Route 970 Friday afternoon. It was raised from a level one to a level two- meaning people need to be ready at a moment's notice. This is in effect for the Lauderdale Junction area including Swauk Prairie, Ley, and Hartman Road. It's the same for areas north of China Camp Lane, including Shamrock Lane and Forbes Lane. Part of Highway-97 was shut down again as well.

The evacuation change is in response to a flare-up, it's an example of just how unstable the situation still is. There are a lot of resources and crews out fighting this fire. Officials say a red flag warning has been issued because the potential for this fire to grow over the weekend is extremely high. Low humidity, temperatures pushing 100 degrees, and winds, all contribute to the high fire danger. Officials say the main focus is to minimize flare ups along the northern perimeter of the fire between Lambert and Hidden Valley Road. There are a total of 8 aircrafts available to put out flames in rough terrain inaccessible to ground crews.

A fire spokesperson say some resident like those living in the Sunlight Waters community have been able to return home to assess the damage. We spoke to one woman who says she's happy to come back to a home.

"My stepson lives right across the road and he and his wife were home. They came down to help me. They had fire totally around them 360 degrees. We feel so blessed that both of our places are still here," said neighbor Judy Montgomery.

She says she owes it all to those police and firemen who helped put out the flames that came dangerous close to her home. One fireman says it's community support that's made all the difference.

"surely coming back in seeing all the signs, having people wave, and all the donations we received have made it one of the best-emotional fires I've ever been on," said firefighter Dustin Hurter.

The fight to put out this fire is not over yet. Mop up has begun along the eastern perimeter of the fire, but officials say it's an extremely labor intensive process that will take time.