Taylor Bridge Fire donations being sent to storage

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Brenda Lance and her children drop off

"If something like this happened in Moses Lake, we'd want people to help us out. We'd be very appreciative of other neighboring cities helping us out," Brenda said.

Brenda's boxes and bags are added to the piles of donated clothes, toiletries and supplies. Now, volunteers say they might have too much on their hands.

"There is mountains of bags of clothing that we still have to go through,"
said Paula Denlinger.

Paula Denlinger has been a lead volunteer at what's being called the "community closet" in Ellensburg. A vacant storefront on Main Street where fire victims can pick up donations.

Like the Holiday Inn, they've run out room and are sending stuff to storage. There are at least six storage units in the Ellensburg area that is stacked to the ceiling.

Volunteers say they'd like to eventually hold a community yard sale to sell off extra donations. Money raised would go to fire victims.

Paula says they'd also like to have a "community closet" open for at least six months. It will give fire victims time to get settled and come in for winter clothes and supplies.

Paula says they will also give extra clothes to churches, shelters and whoever needs it. I asked Brenda if she would be offended to find out if some of her clothes went to others beside fire victims.

"Not at all, not at all. Ya know, wherever it's needed is great," Brenda said.

"Thank you to the whole community, the whole state, to the whole nation that has supported us," Paula said.

A lot of support that will pour out to all those in need.