Sunnyside YV Tech plans to expand skills center

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Rogelia Ruiz is a senior at Sunnyside High School who's in the nursing program at YV Tech. She said the program pushes her to work harder.

"I have to get A's and B's in class so if I get that, I get 25 credits, college credits," said Rogelia.

YV Tech plans to expand its operation with a new facility in Sunnyside. New programs like welding and advanced diesel mechanics will be available to students here.

Sal Gonzalez owns Classic Welding. He said he helped two students who shadowed him for their senior project. He thinks the new courses will be good for local businesses.

"How does that make you feel that you're seeing more kids with hands on experience?" asked KIMA.
"It's something good," said Sal. "It's something new here in Washington."

The new 12,000 square feet facility is expected to be opened by next January and it's expected to hold about 120 students in their four programs.

Students will be trained on campus except nursing students who will have some clinical work outside of class. Sal said he would hire students from the program.

"When I look into hiring, if they like it, you could tell that they like it because they have pride in their work," said Sal.

It's a program that will be available to juniors and seniors in 25 school districts. Students like Rogelia who came here with no experience.

"What I'm going for is challenging, but I know I will overcome this," said Rogelia.

And, on her way to a career she wants.