Sunnyside tree house gets attention from Animal Planet

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- A Sunnyside family has a special play set right in their backyard. And, it's getting national attention from the Animal Planet network.

The reality show 'Redwood Kings' follows twin brothers who turn reclaimed redwood trees into unique pieces of art.

Brent Martin wanted something special for his growing family.

"We're getting ready for our fourth child so I wanted to do something fun for the family," said Brent.

"I feel like the luckiest kid ever," said Tanner Martin.

Brent came across play sets made by twin brothers known for building beautiful tree houses.

The Martin family soon became a part of the tree house reality show.

It's a dream come true for six-year-old Tanner Martin. A custom-made play set he gets to share with his siblings.

"I love the swings," said Daisy Martin.

Brent says it took about a month to build the tree house. And, it took a couple days for Animal Planet to film it getting assembled in the Martins' backyard.

"I was kind of watching them," said Tanner. "Maybe playing around when they were building. It's pretty cool."

Two-month-old Decker was actually born the day filming took place. A hectic day in June, Brent will always remember.

"I thought it would just be a fun experience for the family," said Brent. "Just something for us to remember."

The 'Redwood Kings' Sunnyside Tree House episode will air September 12th on Animal Planet.