Sunnyside seals the deal on new city manager

Sunnyside, a city with a checkered financial past, is now looking to embark on a new chapter with a new city manager.

After years of political turmoil, Sunnyside took a step forward Monday night by officially approving the contract to hire new City Manager Donald Day.

"We're extremely excited to have you Mr. Day and looking forward to when you start work with us," said Sunnyside Mayor Jim Restucci.

Day certainly has his worked laid out for him.

The city has been in major financial trouble since auditors discovered $3,000,000 of mishandled public funds last year.

As a result, Sunnyside had to put up $800,000 from its reserves to close the budget shortfall. This year, taxes have skyrocketed .

Day explained his plan to ensure the city gets back on track.

"A lot of checks and balances absolutely, the segregation of duties is going to be critical. We're going to make sure that all expenditures are accounted for properly. I'm going to make sure that we're following the proper accounting procedures," said Day.

Day will be the city's sixth permanent city manger since 1998.

Earlier this year, Frank Sweet was fired after he released the police chief. With such a high turnover rate, the new city manager must gain back the trust of the citizens.

"I think that's one of the crucial things that I'm going to have to do is get out there and find out what the people are thinking, listen to them, find out their concerns and then try to address them legitimately," said Day.

KIMA asked if he will be here for the long haul.

"I plan for this to be my last job so I guess that's long term. I hope," Day said.

Day stressed that he is interested in finding out what the people of Sunnyside want and that his door will be open to anyone's concerns.

"I expect people to just give me a fair chance to make a difference in this community," said Day.

A community in need of positive news coming out of the city manager's office.

Day's first day on the job will be July 29th and he'll be paid $110,000 a year.