Sunnyside schools release latest improvement plans

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Sunnyside schools have been working on plans to improve student scores and progress this school year.

It's what every parent wants for their child. And, what every child deserves: a good education.

This is why, every school year, the state requires all schools to submit a plan for how they can improve.

"The biggest thing is leadership, from the boardroom down to the bottom."

Lupe Maldonaldo is a school counselor at Harrison Middle School in Sunnyside. His son is a student there.

"There's always room for improvement, finding different ways, different strategies to have these kids actually learn."

At Harrison, that includes a weekly analysis of student outcomes, with input from counselors and an intervention specialist. And, there are opportunities for more learning before and after school, and even during lunchtime.

Sun Valley Elementary wants to reinforce achievement. Administrators and teaching coaches at Sierra Vista Middle School plan to check in on classes 20 times per week.

Among Pioneer Elementary's plans? Get more parents involved through meetings and conferences.

"I think parents should go to every single conference that teachers have so we can be there and discuss what we think about how our kids are doing in school, " says Sunnyside neighbor, Cesar Palacios.

Plans at other schools involve better communication with parents whose first language may not be English, improving students' standardized test scores, and training teachers on common core math and reading standards.

The goal, says Maldonaldo?

"Having every student in the Sunnyside School District passing all classes."

For Sunnyside administrators and teachers, that's the plan anyway.

(Complete plans for each Sunnyside school are available on the school district's website.)