Sunnyside School District wants upgrades to athletic facilities

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Millions of dollars for a new football field, track and soccer fields. That's what the Sunnyside School District wants to spend. But, it would ultimately be up to voters for that to happen.

It's a race to the finish line. But, it's not Jessica Linde's only challenge.

"Running on this track since it's so worn down, it gives many athletes besides me, shin splints," said Jessica.

Students and coaches say holes and divots in the Sunnyside High School track are dangerous.

"You can roll your ankles in it and it's not a good way to train," said Jessica.

"There's things you just can't fix," said Sunnyside High School Track Coach Darren Mezger.

Instead of repairs, the Sunnyside School District wants to replace the track. It's part of a larger plan to upgrade the district's athletic facilities.

Besides the track, it calls for building a new football field and adding seats for almost 4,000 people.

Two new baseball fields behind Chief Kamiakin Elementary as well as two new soccer fields near Harrison Middle and Sunnyside High are also on the wish list.

"If we upgrade our facilities, more and more kids would want to be involved in this," said Darren. "It'll look like it's something special to the kids."

These are big plans that won't come cheap. The estimated price tag for all of it is $6.5 million. Money that would come from a levy voters must approve.

A rendering shows the property owned by the Sunnyside School District. And, how the different fields could fit on it.

"It would be awesome because more people would probably try out and it wouldn't hurt people," said Jessica.

No decision has been made by the Sunnyside School Board yet to put the levy on the ballot. That is expected within the next two months.

It could be up to voters as early as November.