Sunnyside Municipal Airport Gets 3.5 Million

Sunnyside Gets 3.5 Million in Funding

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. - The Sunnyside Municipal Airport received a 3.5 million dollar grant to renovate the facility. The funding was approved by City Council and passed an agreement that 90 percent of the funding will come from the Federal Aviation Administration and ten percent from the City Council’s general funds. Public Works Director Shane Fisher says that the money will be specifically going towards two main areas, the runway and relocation of the east taxiway.

“You see big money from FFA projects because of how much it takes to build it. It’s not like building a regular city, street, or a road. When taxiways and runways are rehabilitated, there are a lot of very specialized things that we do that drives those costs up,” says Fisher.

There are currently twelve planes that routinely fly in and out of the airport. Fisher says that the funding could help bring more traffic to the facility. The Sunnyside Municipal Airport also has crop dusters because there is a lot of agriculture in the area.

“Having a good sound airport means a lot, and to have these jets come in and be able to have corporate options for that as opposed to them flying to Tri-Cities or Yakima," says Fisher.

The renovations will allow the Sunnyside Airport to be up to date on all Federal Aviation Administration regulations and help prevent any hazards.

“Technically the taxiway is too close to the runway based on old existing FFA regulations. Now the new regulations are there and we are ready to relocate the taxiway,” says Fisher.

The project will start next month and will take about six months to complete all of the renovations.

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