Sunnyside looking to end K-9 unit

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Sunnyside Police may get rid of the lone dog in its K-9 unit. The dog was trained to sniff out marijuana.

But since recreational use was legalized, it's not a critical need. Sunnyside Police said it takes 32 hours to maintain and train the dog every month. Cutting the unit could be a tax savings. Some people told KIMA they still think having a K-9 unit is important.

"I would say that the K-9 unit would be important for other drugs, but as far as marijuana I don't believe so," said Ryan Mannin.

Toppenish, Grandview, and Wapato police don't have a K-9 unit. YPD eliminated its two drug sniffing dogs earlier this year also due to the marijuana law.