Sunnyside hospice care center coming up on 40 years of serving the community

Sunnyside hospice care center coming up on 40 years of serving the community.

SUNNYSIDE, Wash.- Being the first rural based hospice west of the Mississippi you would expect a facility that would match up to the title.

It does in the sense that they stay true to their patients. Executive director Ron Jetter said they do this by making sure all their money goes to them.

"We don't put our resources into our comfort. That's pretty obvious. We got a house on two acres," Jetter said.

Heartlinks is coming up on 40 years of serving Yakima county and beyond. However, they don't see what they do as an unhappy act.

Clinical Director Debra Roe-Johnson said this as a way for patients to end the cycle of hospital visits and having to leave their homes to get help.

"They can do whatever they want to do. Have home family barbecues, but they can live," she said.

With all the people, they have helped they see all of them as family. Many of the families they've cared for can't help but ask them why?

"Why do we do what we do? We do it because we really one have one chance at this," Johnson said.

While patients need to meet certain qualifications to be accepted into hospice care, Jetter said they have never turned down a patient even if they were not covered by Medicare.

For more information on what services Heartlinks provides you can head over to their website.

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