Studded tire damage cost taxpayers $25 million each year

WASHINGTON STATE - A new report says studded tires cause millions of damage on state roads.

It is a problem that's literally cutting into Washington's bottom line. Studded tires scrape, scratch, and grind our highways, but in most instances, they're not even needed in the first place

"There are a lot of tires just as good as the studs," says Shane Anderson, Premium Tires. "The tires with the studs are just giving people a little more security feeling"

A "security feeling" that's hitting our state hard. In the last year alone, studded tires have caused $25 million worth of damage to our roads.

Most of that destruction happened along concrete highways like I-82, and It's pretty easy to why. Take a hard surface and then scratch it at 80 miles per hour, and you end up with torn up roads.

"The pavement that should last 14 or 15 years, actually have to repaved one or two years sooner," says Don Whitehouse, WSDOT.

If that weren't enough, consider an interesting fact. Studies show that snow tires without studs are 30% more effective at keeping cars from skidding, than studded tires.

Several times now, Washington lawmakers have tried banning studded tires, but their efforts never seem to get off the ground.

WSDOT tells Action News most of the damage from studded tires has happened along I-82.

In Washington and Oregon, your studded tires need to be off by March 31st, or you could get fined.