Strong winds have firefighters concerned in Snag Canyon Fire

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- Crews are still battling the Snag Canyon Fire in Kittitas County. It doubled in size since Wednesday to 6,400 acres. Wind continues to be a big concern for firefighters trying to protect homes.

The battle continues for firefighters working the Snag Canyon Fire. Thousands of acres have been charred. The wind and available fuel make it hard to control.

Washington Incident Management Team Spokesperson Cory Wall says 12 mile an hour wind that's coming from the west and likely to drive the fire to the east.

"Wind is a watch out situation for us," said Wall. "The firefighters are paying very close attention to it. We are continuously adjusting our operations based on the wind."

Fire lines have been secured on the west and southwest side of the fire. Crews are trying to establish fire lines to the east.

Nearly 50 engines, 7 bulldozers, 13 water tenders and four helicopters are here. Roughly 500 firefighters on the ground have doubled the presence.

Bill Schmitt came from Appleton to monitor nearby homes.

"We're standing by just to make sure if the fire comes over the top of the ridge that we'll be here to help protect their homes," said Schmitt.

Schmitt says he inspected a couple of homes. He believes they should be in good shape. It could be a different story if there's a shift in the wind.

"As it is, it looks like the helicopters have gotten it pretty well knocked down," said Schmitt.

Wall says most of the homes are south of the fire.

"The continued effort to keep the fire from moving south at all is the number one thing we're doing in order to keep the fire away from the structures," said Wall.

So far, 16 structures have been destroyed. That includes six homes.