Strip clubs allowed in Yakima; owners must pass YPD screening

      YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima city council passed two ordinances Tuesday night that regulate strip clubs in the city.

      One of the ordinances requires anyone who wants to open a strip club must first be screened by police.

      The second would require adult business to get a license and they could only be located at least 800 feet away from schools and churches.

      Owners would need to complete a police interview to get a license.

      Neighbors have mixed opinions.

      "Keep it away from schools? Yes, definitely. And keep it clean," said a Yakima Voter.

      "Laws in the books, follow them. Just don't want muggings and all that crap. But, hey, let good time charlie roll," a Yakima man said.

      "They don't need to be here. They can go to Seattle," said a Yakima Voter.

      Applications for strip clubs will open next month.