Store owner on beer thieves: 'What else are they willing to do?'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Gutsy and relentless. So-called beer runners caught by surveillance cameras have no fear. Store manager Karan Singh said crimes like this end up costing you in the end.

"We do have to increase cost of products to cover that so it becomes an issue for other customers that are coming to you," said Karan. "The local customers have to pay higher costs for the same product."

Mark Barreiro saw a beer run on First Street. And, worried about getting knocked over while a store employee chased the thief for several blocks.

"They could do something to you to get out of the way because if you're in the way when they're trying to escape, they could hurt you somehow," said Mark.

Police said there have been 123 beer runs in Yakima since the beginning of last year. Most of them target mini-marts and grocery stores.

For $20 worth of items, these thieves are willing to expose their faces knowing that there's surveillance in these local convenience stores.

"It kind of triggers questions in your mind," said Karan. "For $18, if they're willing to do that openly, what else are they willing to do?"

Convenience store managers said most of these thieves are under-aged kids who can't buy alcohol legally. And, clearly are willing to take the risk they won't get caught, even though, they've been caught on camera.