State results show school performance across Yakima County

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A new report card is out for schools across Yakima County. Most in the Yakima School District are considered under-performing. The rankings are based on the Achievement Index and cover the school year that ended in 2013.

Every school district wants its students to learn and perform at the level they should. They're great goals that aren't always reached.

"We are working hard to improve," said Yakima School District Compliance Officer Kelli York. "We work really closely with each of our schools and the staff."

According to the Washington State Board of Education's Achievement Index, 19 Yakima Schools are under-performing or in the lowest five percent of achieving schools.

Schools in the lowest five-percent got an F-minus. An under-performing school gets an F.

While some Yakima schools are under-performing, the index also shows improvement from the year before.

"I don't think as parents we should ever be totally at ease," said parent Jason Clark. "We should always be keeping an eye on them, making sure that they're doing what we're asking and performing to the level of expectation."

Kelli York is the compliance officer for the Yakima School District. She makes sure the district stays in line with the federal and state programs that provide money. York thinks teachers are the key.

"One of our goals is teachers will get to know their students and be more engaged in what the student's outside life is like," said York.

York says the district has taken steps to meet the common core standards. It also adopted a new reading curriculum for elementary schools.

Results showed most schools in Sunnyside and Wapato are also under-performing. But again, the index scores improved for both districts.

You can find a list of the complete school rankings here.