Stabbing victim crashes car into tire business

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A bizarre crime unfolded behind El Faro Mariscos & Cantina. On the ground, glass and dried blood

Police confirm that this is where Miguel Chavez-Munguia was stabbed in the heart..

Somehow after being attacked, Chavez got behind the wheel, drove across First Street, and crashed into Commercial Tire -- sending the store's garage door flying before careening into a desk at the back.

"I wasn't real shocked being that this kind of stuff happens more than it ever should, but to be in our shop and the circumstances that it was, yes I was shocked," said J.J. Reyes, store manager for Commercial Tire.

When police arrived, Chavez-Munguia was unresponsive. The coroner says he bled to death. Investigators aren't saying how many people were involved.

I spoke exclusively with a woman claiming to be a friend of the victim's sister. Afraid for her safety, she asked not be identified by name, nor shown on camera.

"Miguel was not a bad guy, you know. He didn't deserve, he didn't deserve this," she said. "I'm shocked, because you know, he was a good guy. He was never gang-related, nothing like that."

Police say the crime could be alcohol-related because it happened so close to a bar. Capt. Rod Light: "This is obviously an active establishment where they serve alcohol. Obviously, very likely, could have been a factor in this. That'll get to be determined after the autopsy."

Whatever the cause, the murder has neighbors discouraged.

"I'm really sad," said Abraham Elder. "I'm really upset to see these things happen in Yakima here."

I also reached out to the bar, but was promptly hung up on before I could get any answers. Answers police are trying to get themselves.