Spring Barrel opens wine season

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. - Pouring profits in the Lower Valley.

Thousands of people showed up to Spring Barrel Weekend Some new to this scene, and some old.

Kathy Critchfield said, "Two years ago we ended up getting married on the wine tour."

Joining Gary and Kathy down memory lane were cars, buses and limos.

Her husband Gary said their group continues to grow, "It started out in a van and then it's progressed to a bus as years went on."

A dozen wineries previewed the best they had to offer. There was no shortage of eager wine fans ready to quench their thirst. Frozen wine cocktails were a favorite as the hot temperatures beat down on the crowds. Live music provided the entertainment as the tastings were poured.

Wineries aren't the only ones cashing in.

Private transportation companies often book up early for this weekend leaving them wishing they had a larger fleet of vehicles to put out on the roads.

"it's very busy. A lot of people want to rent them and not enough limos out to be able to rent," said John Fraga, owner of Luxury Limos.

Food vendors, including WSU's Dairy club, fed the crowds and turned a profit.

Student Kristen Wedan said,"We are definitely selling a lot of cheese. We appreciate the community supporting us."

Other wineries not part of the village also joined in the fun. They offered first hand insights to the wine making process. Deserts were also part of their experience educating the public on which went best with their wine.

For some, the Spring Barrel event is much more than wine and good times. It's the chance to relive some amazing memories while also creating some new ones.