Speed racers around the town

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's not uncommon for drivers to see speeders out on the roads every day. But how often do you see vehicle racers in your town? Luis Hernandez had a friend who died in a vehicle racing crash.

"Lost control of the car and flipped over and the car went out of the road," said Luis.

Luis hoped this doesn't happen again to anyone he knows. He wanted to make sure his siblings were extra cautious.

"It makes me want to tell my sister and brother who are driving, to slow down, watch out, and everything," said Luis.

YPD reported 23 vehicle racing incidents last year. Although YPD said it's not a common problem, they do receive vehicle racing complaints from neighbors a couple of times a week. These reckless drivers could exceed the speed limit by driving 50 to 100 miles per hour.

"The potential for more catastrophic crashes is present during those circumstances," said Sergeant Tim Bardwell.

KIMA found out most of these incidents happened near 1st Street and Yakima Avenue. But there are other areas in town they like to hit.

"Generally on larger arterial roads. Washington is a good example of that. 16th Ave. The multi-lane roads are the more prone for racing," said Sergeant Tim.

Nicole Kristek was recently awaken by loud sounds of vehicle racers on Washington Avenue. She said she was glad she wasn't outside driving with the possibility of getting hit by them.

"I would hate to come upon a car doing 70 plus miles an hour on a street that's not supposed to be that fast," said Nicole.

These vehicle racers usually hit the roads around night time.