'Sorry for the inconvenience but we're not breaking any laws here'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Can you only stay in the middle of the golf course? Can you come over to my side of the fence and you can fire the geese over my head because you're firing from the golf course? What are the parameters?" asked "Betsy".

These were safety concerns raised by one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. She was startled when she heard a round of shots go off in her backyard on a Saturday afternoon.

"It's not that large of an area that a stray bullet wouldn't come down somewhere," said "Betsy".

The manager said a group of five hunters shot geese on the middle of Suntides Golf Course off Highway 12 and Old Naches highway on Saturdays. Golfers were not allowed on the course during this time, but neighbors like "Betsy" were still concerned. KIMA asked what the manager had to say.

"Sorry for the inconvenience but we're not breaking any laws here," said Paul Cobleigh.

And he was right. KIMA spoke with the County Sheriff's office and found out it was legal to shoot guns in residential areas in the county. Anywhere that's unincorporated in the county, people were allowed to fire weapons in a safe manner which meant target practicing and hunting.

"The Sheriff's office recommends that shooters stay at least 400 feet away from the homes, but hunters on this golf course stay triple that distance," said Reporter.

"Betsy" said five years ago a neighbor said there was a big legal effort to get rid of that law. She hoped to see the hunters off the golf course.

"My husband is getting more and more childlike the deeper he gets into Alzheimer's and he needs protection," said "Betsy."

This was a state law so anyone that wanted to appeal would have to contact state lawmakers. "Betsy" was still thinking about whether she would petition this.