Snow crews prep roads & highways for snow, freezing rain

YAKIMA, Wash. -- For now, it's a waiting game to see how much of a punch we'll take from this system. And, how well the streets and highways will hold up in the conditions.

Crews with the Department of Transportation were busy Thursday. They loaded their trucks with solution and pre-treated both directions of I-82. Three trucks will be on call tonight.

In Yakima, crews will respond when needed.

The concern is all the work done ahead of time won't matter.

"Well, the biggest problem is if the rain comes, if the snow comes first, that's great we can start after," said Yakima Interim Streets Supervisor Jay Kendall. "But, if it's turns into freezing rain, then it's hard to treat that because, basically we're just going to have to put the salt down and the sand to keep the roads safe."

Crews in Yakima laid down chemicals last week and didn't need to put any more down Thursday. That could wash away if the rain comes first.

Like the rest of us, all they can do is see how everything unfolds.