Slow your roll in the Lower Valley

WAPATO, Wash. -- Levi Culps lived in Wapato. He's known for years the roads could be deadly. It hit home when it happened to someone he knew.

"That lady that just had one. The one that was in the paper this morning," said Levi. "She was a (close friend) and I went to school with her."

Levi didn't want to see any more car accidents. But, he said the warning signs for drivers weren't always clear.

"People underestimate the slickness because it's not the clear part of the road," said Levi. "It's the parts that are slick that you're not expecting."

"Fort Road and South Wapato were just one of the seven fatal accident areas that happened in the Lower Valley this year," said Reporter. "There were a total of 19 in the county."

In fact, three deadly accidents in the Lower Valley happened this month. Intersections were the most dangerous spots where Yakima County officials said drivers ran the stop signs. The county de-iced the Yakima Valley Highway from Grandview to Sunnyside and slopes that faced north where there wasn't much sun. Decisions were made every day on the spots to de-ice again. Stephanie Wendt said she saw a problem where drivers turned on and off of Highway 97.

"It just has to do with turning around the corners going southbound," said Stephanie.

Safety projects were in the works to improve the driving conditions. They included flattening bumps, re-striping and adding shoulders to give drivers more space. For now, though, Yakima County said these plans will be delayed.