Skyway robbery? Allegiant charges $35 for overhead bins

TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- You can prepare to pay a bit more the next time you fly Allegiant.

Some might call it skyway robbery. Beginning April 4, anyone traveling on Allegiant will have to fork over $35 to use overhead bins. $35 that traveler Michael Pattilo will not be paying.

"They're desperate for money. I'm desperate for a deal," he says.

In a phone interview with Action News, Allegiant insisted passengers are still getting a bargain with low fares, even when adding the new bag fees. It's an answer that's not sitting well with travelers like Pattilo. In the wake of being charged on everything from checked bags to seat assignments, he says his days of flying Allegiant are over.

"Pretty soon the price is the same and the convenience is less," Pattilo tells Action News.

In this economy, people want to save as much money as possible. So Action News asked Allegiant what you can to do get the most bang for their buck. They say the biggest thing is flying during the week instead of the weekend.

The proof really is in the prices. On Monday, April 16, a trip from the Tri-Cities to Las Vegas would cost about $53, but just three days earlier on a Friday, the price is $62 more.

Passengers will not be charged for putting bags under their seats.

The changes will affect anyone making reservations beginning on April 4th.

People with existing tickets will not be charged.