Site plan shows new Ellensburg fire station features

ELLENSBURG, Wash. - KIMA is learning more about how more than $6 million will be spent on the new fire station in Ellensburg. KIMA obtained drawings that show what the facility will feature.

It's time for a change at Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue. Chief John Sinclair looks forward to building a new fire station.

"It's going to last for a good long time," said Sinclair. "It's going to be more effective, more efficient."

That new station is coming after voters approved a $6.7 million bond in April. It will have more room to hold all the fire engines and equipment.

Stevie McBride voted against the bond, but she understands the need for a new station.

"This is fire season so they're out and going a lot," said Stevie.

Construction will start next spring on the building that will look like this picture. Right now, the department is finalizing the site plan. The new station will have an office building, a dozen sleeping rooms, an apparatus bay and a training room.

It will also be within six blocks of most of the calls that come into the station.

"We are so close to a significant amount of our run volume, our response time overall for the community will actually improve," said Sinclair.

Firefighters will also sleep closer to the apparatus bay than they do now. It will make it easier for them to jump on their trucks faster to get to you when you need them most.

Sinclair says the Ellensburg Police Department will expand its office at the current fire station. The new fire station is expected to be ready by the fall of 2016.