Simple ways to stay safe outdoors

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YAKIMA Wash. -- A young Union Gap woman went missing in the Little Naches national forest and was found after eight days. Deputy's and forest professionals are telling people what to do if they end up in the same situation.

Kaylynn Johnson and Patrick Frawley went missing on June 23rd after crashing their motorcycle down a hill on the Little Naches national forest and not being able to find their way back to the city.

Frawley was missing for 4 days and was found weak and disoriented and Johnson was missing for 8 days and was found dehydrated with some scratches.

The Kittitas County Undersheriff Clayton Meyers says this country is easy to get lost in but Johnson did good by staying close to water.

"Were glad that this particular search turned out well. She did stay close to water. She was turned around, she was actually heading north instead of south but that's not uncommon," said Meyers.

He says they get phone calls of people getting lost in forests almost every weekend.

He says a good way someone can be found after disappearing is by staying out in open areas.

"It's helpful if you are out in the open where we can see you or if you can put something article clothing something that's bright a big x with sticks. We have to be able to see you to find you," said Meyers.

With Fourth of July coming around people will be out at national parks and camp sites with their families.

Mike Hammond the owner of Hammers Precision Outdoors says there are 4 items people should never leave their house without if they want to stay safe.

"You should take water, you should take matches to keep you warm and or boil water you should take a GPS compass and a first aid kit," said Hammond.

Mike also recommends to always give a detailed description to somebody else of where you are going so that there is always someone aware of your location.

Another important tip that Undersheriff Meyers recommends is to keep yourself hydrated at all times when you're outdoors.

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