Shutdown prevents potential home buyers in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- All we're getting is a lot of finger pointing and no real answers in the first day of the federal government shutdown.

That inactivity in D.C. is hurting people around here.

A lot of you who are looking to buy a home might have a hard time getting a loan because of it.

"It's imperative, that if I don't get that we probably won't be looking at being homeowners soon," said Jessica Johnson.

Jessica Johnson has been trying for almost three years to buy her first house for her family.

"We're almost to the point of signing. And, now we're just waiting on the loans and waiting for the government to continue their part.

Now, it seems Jessica could be waiting for a while.

Jessica's applying for a loan from the Federal Housing Administration.

A process that just got a lot harder because of the government shutdown.

The federal agency is operating with a skeleton staff.

KIMA checked and found out 67 people are now doing the job that 29-hundred people do normally.

"It's kind of scary. People are going to be sitting with moving trucks out in front of their homes and not be able to close on their loans in time," said Ron Berger, from Almon Residential.

The Federal Housing Administration admits things will slow down.

The question is, how much?

That depends on how many loans come through the agency.

Delays that could scare buyers and hurt the real estate market.

"It may stop some of them from looking for homes until this get cleared up, just not knowing that they're going to be able to close their loans on time," said Berger.

Loans from the FHA make up about 15 percent of all home mortgages.

Most of those to people with moderate incomes and first-time buyers.

People like Jessica.

"Still renting, still up the creek without a paddle, just waiting," said Johnson.

Trying to secure her piece of the American dream.

Now, at the mercy of Congress.

USDA loans are also experiencing cut backs because of the shutdown.