Shoppers already lining up to snag Black Friday deals

YAKIMA, Wash. -- For some, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. For others, it's about getting a deal.

Shoppers are already baring the cold weather for Black Friday. Action News found shoppers lining up Tuesday morning at Best Buy.

Some shoppers said they've been camped out since Monday -- sleeping in front of the store to be first in line for the deal.

Reporter: "For people that see you and think you are crazy what do you say?"

Shopper Luis Vieyra: "Smile and wave, that's about it. You just smile and wave."

Many stores are opening earlier than ever this year. Some even plan to open on Thanksgiving day.

Shopping Local

Local stores are also cashing in on the Black Friday excitement.

Lady Godiva's on Nob Hill and New Yak City on Yakima Avenue are two of the stores planning big sales.

Lady Godiva's will start the mark-downs tomorrow to beat the rush.

Most stores we talked to say sales will range from 25-50 percent off everything in the store.

"Keeps us here. Keeps us going. It gives them a chance to shop," said Lady Godiva's owner Lisa Carner. "It also helps the local economy by boosting the school levies and the taxes and so forth. So why not shop local business?"

Unlike many major retailers, the local businesses Action News spoke with said they do plan not open Thursday night.