Shooting shocks Greenway

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The shooting that left two dead happened steps away from the Greenway; a spot for families or taking a run after work. Action News investigated the history of crime at the Greenway and if any changes will be made now.

The sirens have been silenced and the Greenway is back to its tranquil nature, but the impact of a double murder is just setting in.

"This was really a shock to me, and I hope nothing like that ever happens again," said Max York.

York has run on the Greenway for years he said he's never felt scared. The shooting just one day before didn't stop him from bringing his nieces and nephews there.

"I've seen policemen on bicycles coming through here and I thought they patrolled it regularly," said York.

This may be somewhat of a false sense of security. Regular patrols by police are no longer in place they've been cut in the budget. The Greenway's executive director believes police patrols wouldn't have made a difference.

"Would they have stopped something like this? No," said Al Brown the Greenway's executive director. "It was west of where we would have been. They wouldn't have been there any way."

Even though the shooting didn't happen on the Greenway, it actually happened feet away, some people are saying it's still too close for comfort.

"It does make me uncomfortable, kind of, because a lot of kids are out here, and it could have been a kid that it happened to," said Adrianna Ibarra a mother of two. "So, yeah, it could have been my son or someone else's son, so it does scare me."

The Greenway's Executive Director adds, there have been just three-other violent crimes at the Greenway in the last 15 years; only one involved strangers.

Greenway operators said there were no plans to beef up security before the shooting. There is not enough money in the budget.