Sheriff's Dive Team searching for missing swimmer

Sheriff's Dive Team searching for missing swimmer

Kittitas County, WASH. - Divers are searching for a Granger man who was last seen swimming in Lake Mattoon.

Reports said 27-year-old David Burgos of Granger was swimming off the north shore of Lake Mattoon Sunday evening around 8:00 p.m. when he went missing.

The victim and his two friends, also from the Granger area, were floating on tubes and swimming at the time of the incident.

The witnesses said Burgos was swimming behind them as they drifted with the wind across the north side of the lake. When they last saw him he was swimming towards shore. They combed the shoreline and when they could not find him they called the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies assisted them until dark, checking the area to verify he had not come off the lake, then notified the Dive Team according to reports.

Divers began searching at daylight but have yet to find Mr. Burgos. Reports said the search was being obstructed by heavy underbrush in the small lake, which is seven to eight feet deep and too thick to see or swim through.

The Lake Mattoon area continues to be closed off Tuesday, June 20 as a five-person crew continues to search. Officials in Kittitas County said the area will remain closed until the body is recovered.

Mr. Burgos is said to be a strong swimmer and was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt and black shorts with a red stripe.

Kittitas County officials say this occurrence is common as they see as many as one or two missing persons per year and are warning swimmers to be cautious as these accidents can happen to anyone.

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