Sgt. Pendleton or Cesar Chavez? Renaming of A Street put on hold

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The proposed motion to change the name of A street to Sgt. Pendleton Blvd. failed Tuesday night with a tie vote at city council.

The council was reminded by a member of the public that back in 2007 a group had proposed to change the name of A Street to honor Cesar Chavez.

4,000 signatures were gathered in favor of this change, yet the motion never made it past city council.

Council members weren't sure why this was the case.

Some felt that they needed to look into why this motion was dropped before carrying on with the current proposal so as not to ignore those from the first petition.

Representatives from the Veterans of Foreign Wars were hoping to see the change become official Tuesday night.

"He's the only medal of honor receipent that we have from Yakima, and he's just buried in an ordinary grave at Tahoma cemetary, and we throught we needed something more to remember him by," said Rick Beck from VFW.

After council gets to the bottom of what happened with the previous proposal to change the name of the street to Cesar Chavez, they will continue with the proceeding.