Severe job challenge for young adults in Yakima County

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Unemployment rates in Yakima County are down. It's the first dip we've seen in two years.

People are bouncing back from the economic dip. Unfortunately the younger generations applying for work have the short straw.

"It was handing out resumes everywhere, applying everywhere, you know going on craigslist just putting my name out there. And then after two months I was finally able to get a part time job," said Chantel Carter.
And that part time job only gives Chantel Carter 20 hours a week. The State Employment Department's report measured a severe job challenge for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24. Less young adults are unable to obtain jobs, losing out to older workers.

Carter has three years' experience at culinary school. She used to waitress, when hours were cut so was she.

"To find out they were going to let me go, it was just heartbreaking. I couldn't pay my bills. It was hard," Carter told KIMA.
Carter and her boyfriend are just barely making ends meet and that's with federal assistance. Saying some days she wasn't able to put food on her table.
Several local business owners tell me they steer clear from hiring young adults.
"Your appearance is very important, you know how your dressed. Quite honestly we get a lot of applicants these days who sometimes don't put their best foot forward," said Mike DePietro.
Mike DiPietro manages Zesta Cucina and does the hiring. While he hires young adults with high energy other local managers say that's not what they look for.

Experience, knowledge and presentation - some say comes with age. As the unemployment rate in the county decreases, many young adult are hopeful they'll land a job in time for the holidays.