Sen. Curtis King meets Roosevelt Elementary students who are studying government

Sen. Curtis King meets Roosevelt Elementary students who are studying government

YAKIMA, Wash.--Fourth grade students at Roosevelt Elementary now have some insight into the state government after meeting Senator Curtis King (R, 14th District).

"It's interesting having a person from the government in our class since our class is studying government right now," said student Wilson Harper.

While state leaders are in a special session in Olympia, another special session took place on Wednesday at Roosevelt Elementary.

King meeting with fourth graders to talk about his duties at the capital and more.

"It just very enjoyable [to meet the students], very rewarding in my opinion," he said.

The Union Gap native spoke about the importance of school and what subjects are key to his job, specifically reading.

"You can see a young person that may be with a single parent or in a family that doesn't have a lot, that they can find a book and go crawl in their bed and sit there and read it," King said.

He also fielded plenty of questions ranging from his thoughts on President Donald Trump to the process a bill goes through to become a law.

Even questions about how he won his senate seat, which he's held since 2007.

The same year many of the students where born.

"What was interesting was about how he became senator and he never thought about it [when he was younger]," said student Neida Elizalde.

But they wouldn't let King go without giving him their input on how to improve the educational system.

"I feel like there should be more activities for highly capable [students]," Harper said.

King says he's honored to hear from kids who are enthusiastic about the political process.

Kids that have the same curiosity he had growing up in the valley.

"The hope is that these young people will realize that we're just people like everybody else. There's nothing special about us," said King.

Teachers at Roosevelt said the students wrote to King asking him to visit as part of their lessons on how to get involved with the government.

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