Selah voters might be taxed for new aquatics center

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SELAH Wash. -- Taxpayers in Selah might have to pay more money for a new aquatic center at Wixson Park.

Selah parks and rec is asking voters to vote yes on a one-year 300,000-dollar levy to help open the new aquatic center with multiple pools.

The Selah pool would be replaced with two pools that will be 25 meters long and they will have 8 lanes. One pool will be for competitive swimming while the other pool will be for families. They will also build a lazy river where they plan to have aerobics classes for the community.

Now I asked locals what they think about the new center and having to pay for it themselves and here is what they said.

Cheyenne Merritt was born and raised in Selah and says she agrees with the new center being built because she plans on raising her son in Selah and would benefit from these type of centers.

"He just started swimming without floaties I think it be cool to get him going there. I plan on making him grow up here so we would definitely use it,” said Merritt.

But other people are not too sure they want to be taxed for something they might not use.

"As a taxpayer I don't want my taxes raised I don't want to have to pay the extra money I’ve heard some people say that it's not going to be utilized by as many people,” said local Kim Weedin.

Chairwoman of Selah Parks and Rec Kelliann Ergeson says the new $300,000-dollar levy will be utilized for maintenance and operations for the new center.

The money for the construction was already approved by taxpayers in 2015 which was a bond of $6.2 million dollars that they already have.

But Ergeson says they can't start construction unless they get the money for the operations part as well.

"It will be the pride of our community if we can get it built and were just so very excited and grateful for their previous support and hopeful that they'll support us once again,” said Ergeson.

If approved, the levy would tax property owners an additional 20 cents per $1,000 dollars of assessed value which is about $40 dollars a year for an owner of a $200,000-dollar home.

The levy would be taxed for one year only and it would be collected in 2018.

If the levy is approved, construction of the aquatic center is expected to begin around September for an expected opening of summer 2018.

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