Selah to spend millions on parks improvements

SELAH, Wash. -- New parks and possibly a new pool could be coming to Selah. The city has plans that could cost millions. How will it pay for them? KIMA looked at the options.

Mike Mesa spent the afternoon in Wixson Park. Pushing his daughter on the swings.

"Everyone comes together. It's a place where it's safe."

One of the reasons why Selah wants to improve its parks and add more facilities.

City Council has a $8 million plan that would take five years to complete. More playgrounds, parking, green spaces, and a new pool. Taxpayer dollars will cover much of it, as well as grant money and private donations.

"A lot of the city funding projects in our plan are general fund monies," said Selah City Administrator, David Kelly. "These are things we'd like to care of and maintain on our own. It's the larger dollar ones that we are mainly looking at the grant funding for."

This year alone, Selah plans to spend about $400,000. That includes a covered gazebo in Wixson Park, upgrades to the parks and recreation office at the Civic Center, pool filters, and a new park, west of Veterans Park. Private money will pay for about half.

Over time, improvements will be made to other parks. The big spend could come in 2017, when Selah hopes to build a new pool. Officials are hoping to raise the $5 million needed through a bond and grants. The possibility excites Mike.

"Oh yes, oh yes. Something with some slides, you know. Something like Lincoln. You gotta get something that's going to attract the kids."

The kids and adults. Bringing Selah's residents together. It's what City Hall is hoping for.

Improvements will also be made to parking lots at some of the parks and at Selah's parks and recreation headquarters.