Selah students get summer classes

SELAH, Wash. -- Selah High school students lagging behind got another chance to stay on track for graduation.

"If the nine-month regular school year isn't enough for them, then they have this other chance to, even for enrichment," said Meggie Powell.

"We hope they catch up on credits and move one step or hopefully several steps closer to graduating on time," said Rich Rees.

New summer school classes made it possible. It meant spending all day in the classroom for six weeks. One teacher would be hired for each core subject. And, school buses would be available.

"We know that there are students that struggle and our goal is to give them another opportunity and some extra time to succeed," said Rich.

"Not many kids love school so I'm sure it's not fun for them, but it's not fun for us as well," said Meggie. "It seems like we didn't do our job when they stay here for another year or two."

Principal Rich Rees said the success of his students was something much bigger.

"It's impossible to do this job without making a connection with the students and so that graduation day is a culmination of 18 years of life and 12 years of school," said Rich.

Seeing his students receive their diploma was just part of the journey.

"It's literally like letting them out of the nest. You've made it. You've earned that diploma. Now go be productive," said Rich.

The school took as many students as its classrooms could hold.