Court denies Selah man's appeal in murder case

Court denies Selah man's appeal in murder case

HARRAH, Wash. - A Selah man who is sentenced for almost 70 years for a murder in Harrah from 2014, tried to appeal his conviction last week, but the Washington State Court of Appeals denied it.

The jury also found that three firearms were used in each crime which increased the length of Luis Anguiano's sentence, according to Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic.

Brusic said, Anguiano was sentenced July 2, 2015 to almost 70 years for First Degree Murder with extreme indifference and one count of First Degree Assault, for shooting the caretaker of a private gun club in Harrah in 2014.

On January 2014, Charles Burkybile was shot through the door of his home, while trying to hold it closed against Luis Anguiano and others.

On appeal, Anguiano raised issues which included an allegation that there was not enough evidence to support the finding of murder by extreme indifference.

The defense counsel argued that information regarding a prior burglary at the residence was improperly admitted at trial as well as issues regarding the imposition of additional time for the use of the three firearms.

The Court of Appeals denied review of all of the allegations raised in the appeal and affirmed the conviction of Luis Anguiano.

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