Selah continues plans for all-inclusive park

Selah continues plans for all-inclusive park

SELAH, Wash. - Volunteer Park in Selah is now partially open.

The park is an all-inclusive park, meaning handicap children and those with disabilities can play at the park along with other kids.

A Selah community member came up with the idea because he had a handicapped son.

Selah City Administrator Don Wayman said the city is designing a unique playground for all children to enjoy.

“While it’ll be fun for all kids to play on, our handicap children or disabled children will be able to utilize these things just like everybody else,” he said.

Wayman also said the play area will require a special rubber surface that will help protect kids who fall but also a wheelchair can roll over it.

“The park cannot be completed until we have this [rubber surface] in and this requires temperatures of 55 degrees or higher throughout the night to cure,” Wayman said.

So far, the park has a walking trail that is open to the public. It also has a completed parking lot, bathrooms and a base for the play area.

In addition to the playground, Wayman said the city will be adding exercise stations around the walking trail.

The park is located in Selah off Merinda Drive and is expected to open no later than next spring.

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