Search planned in Ukraine for missing Yakima doctor

The Upper Columbia Conference released this statement on the doctor from Yakima who went missing in Ukraine:

The search efforts for Dr. Jay Sloop are ramping up in Kiev as searchers uncovered possible clues today as to Sloop's whereabouts.

According to the family blog, they feel they have narrowed things down to a wooded park in Kiev called Zamkova Gora. In order mount a thorough search, they need as many volunteers as possible.

Jeff Sloop, a grandson, arrived in Kiev today. He asks people to contact any friends in Kiev and the surrounding area that could possibly take some time to search tomorrow. Please share this information with as many people as you can via email and social media during the next few hours. Every hour that passes may be critical.

Specific plans for the search, meeting time and location are listed on the family blog.

Even though they remain hopeful, this is a difficult time for the family and for the many people who know and love Dr. Sloop. We continue to solicit your prayers for everyone involved in the search and for Dr. Sloop's safe return.