Saving a piece of Yakima's history

YAKIMA, Wash.-- A piece of Yakima history is crumbling and some locals want to save it. The statue of Colonel J.J. Weisenberger's turns 111 tomorrow. It's taken a beating outside from the weather over the years. Some people in Yakima are raising money to move the statue indoors to the museum. An event tomorrow at the statue on Yakima and Naches Avenues will try to get closer to that goal. They want to make the move before winter.

"This is the only public statue in Yakima and it's a piece of art," said Jan Lowell. "It's a war memorial but we consider it a piece of art. We just want to preserve it. It's a beautiful thing to have down here."

After the move the idea would be to put a replacement statue of the Colonel at the same spot. The new one would be made of marble and bronze.