Salvation Army shopping event helps hundreds of needy kids

YAKIMA, Wash. -- This winter, hundreds of kids will not have enough money to buy warm clothing. So you can imagine the pure gratitude on kids faces when the Salvation Army held shopping event to help people in need.

Five year old Malaki was filled with excitement to go on a 75-dollar shopping spree to buy some much needed clothing.

"We're not in a good position and for the Salvation Army to step up and give the money to these kids to be able to do this. It just makes it to where it's a lot easier on the parents so they don't have to worry about it so much," said Malaki's mom Jennifer Hixon.

It's why this event is so crucial. This shopping trip isn't for just any kid, it's for children that need it the most.

"Its really important and it brings tears to my eyes. The school counselors we work with the school counselors and they see the need within the schools and the need for clothing, gloves, for coats and they see that need," said Salvation Army Program Events Director Lisa Sargent.

Each child at at the event was funded by a local sponsor, who in turn can take the child shopping for clothes.

"Its pretty awesome. It's just heart warming to be able to do this with kids and just be able to be a friend as well as a teacher. So it gets kind of teary-eyed, but it's really good," said volunteer Monica Bredwell.

"I always say a first time sponsor- they come, they see, they experience and they're hooked. They're going to be back year after year and if they can't shop for whatever reason, they still are sending a donation to make sure that child gets the new clothing they need. So this is definitely one of the most exiting rewarding events that we do throughout the year," said Sargent.

That's why Mike says he gives back year after year.

"There's a lot of kids that have need and those of us that are luckier than other people need to help out," said sponsor Mike Judy.

Not only to have fun and give back to the community, but also to help make one family's holiday season just a little bit brighter.

"I know that when I got the call saying that my son was chosen that was just like big huge...oh my gosh are you serious? And all this stuff is just amazing and you guys are amazing. God bless you Thank you so much," said Hixon.

About 250 children in the Yakima School District were chosen to participate in the 'Salvation Army Kids Shopping' event at Walmart Supercenter on Nobhill.