Salvation Army does good in Yakima community

Salvation Army donating to Hurricane Harvey relief

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Salvation Army helps a lot of people in local communities and started as a church in England 150 years ago. Today, the organization has expanded to the United States and continues to help its communities.

Corps Officer Lt. Nicholas Helms and his wife Lt. Rebecca Helms run the Yakima Salvation Army that offers a variety of assistance to the community from getting people out of the cold, paying a light bill and helping people around the holidays.

Nicholas said their main focus is to simply help the community.

“We realize that there are a lot of people struggling in Yakima and we want to help them as much as we can and so whenever we can we’ll provide assistance to those people that are in need,” he said.

The Salvation Army is completely funded by donations from the community. These donations range from small monetary amounts to large estates.

A small percentage of the donations received go to administration, but for the most part the money goes to programs the Salvation Army offers such as those for youth, seniors and the church.

Rebecca grew up in the Salvation Army and continues her work with it because she said she loves helping people.

“I feel it’s such a great opportunity and such a great experience to just invest in people’s lives each and every day,” she said.

The Helms are looking to build a stronger presence in the Yakima community.

“We’re just excited to get to know other people and partner with other organizations, to build the Yakima community together,” Rebecca said.

However, the local Salvation Army’s efforts aren’t limited to Yakima. Nicholas said they began collecting donations for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

“Here in Yakima what we can do is basically raise money so we can help them in the south,” he said.

The Salvation Army is asking for monetary donations only, so those in the south can buy exactly what they need such as food, water and clothing. The money will also be used for long term effects such as housing those who’ve lost their homes.

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